Friday, August 15, 2008

Mid Tellico Lake

Today, Tellico was full of these mayflys. One paddled with me about the whole day.

I paddled near a bush to get out of the sun for a while and when I backed up look what jumped on board. Click to make the image larger. This guy also rode with me for a while. He would march back and forth from the tip of the bow to about midships then back...over and over. He finally abandoned ship.

I was not aware of this! What are the "contaminants?

Anyway today I paddled the section from Smoky Branch to the Virginian Fort and back. I stayed to the far bank all the way up and the near bank all the way back. I saw two Bald Eagles, several black ducks, 1 goose, several kingfishers and a few osprey. I was able to watch an osprey dive straight into the water, completley submerge and come back up with a fish in its talons. So cool!


Lisa said...

Oh Great! I thought Tellico was one of the last 'clean lakes' around!

Christine.Braaten said...

The Do Not Eat the Fish Warning sign is for PCBs (an organic compound once used for capacitors in Transformers), Murcury (a bi-product from Coal Plants), and in some areas, Chlordane (a now-banned pesticide)

Richard Norman said...

Actually, the current warning is for catfish only. See the TWRA notice here:

ZagaZig said...

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