Monday, August 11, 2008

Citico Creek off upper Tellico Lake

My two boys on CiticoA happy dad on Citico...really...i need to smile more
If you have been in Citico from Harrison Branch ramp you know all about this
That would be my daughter
Isn't she adorable?!

Citico Creek is a gem! If you live in Blount or Monroe County and have a canoe or kayak you have no excuse but to go! From the Harrison Branch ram (off Hwy 129) leave the ramp and paddle straight across the main channel to the southeast. You will see several islands and lots of tree stumps. I have been over there dozens of times. I have seen varieties of ducks, migratory waterfowl, geese, osprey, hawks, bald eagles, deer, beaver, muskrat and many types of fish. In the winter you can get a real sense of the original creek and river bank by going in the dead of winter. The Cherokee village of Citico is here to the left and right of the creek bank once you cross the imaginary line of the former Little Tennessee River. Continue through the maze of islands, inlets and bays and you will come to a really neat area where the creek is only about 20' or so across. Continue paddling on up through an area where some trees fell across the creek about 5 or 6 years ago. There just pull your boats over and keep paddling until you have to pull your boats over a shallow area. Here you will find a large swim area called Citico Beach. Paddle past it until you have to get out and pull again and then you will approach the bridge going over the creek. My friend Charlie and I paddled on up about another 3/4 mile until there was not enough water to float. On the way out notice the river cane, the slow flow water in the "tunnel" area, find the beaver lodge on river left just before the area where the creek widens into the lake. Take a detour to the left and come back out among the other reed beds. You will wish you brought your fly rod and bass poppers. Again, my kids love this place and three years ago when Erin was 8, she knew how to paddle to Citico and the reed beds. Its a place like this where you can build memories that will last a lifetime.


Nelson said...

Ok, now you have to escort me from Harrison Branch to Citico Creek!

Nelson said...

I can't wait to go! Maybe a troop activity!