Monday, November 7, 2011

Coytee Springs and up toward Hall Bend on Tellico

Three silos near the Tommotley neighborhood on Tellico Lake.  Kind of a windy day on the lake.  It took me forever to paddle from Poplar Springs to Coytee Springs where I camped.  Since I am paddling the entire Little T shoreline, I have to go into every cove and inlet.  The wind was about 30 knots Friday and fought me every turn!

HOWEVER...the next morning was awesome and still.  This is coming out of the cove at Coytee Springs. I paddled past 9 deer hunters that morning along the lake shore.

The Leaning Cedars of Powerline Cove were a neat thing to see.   I also saw a lot of the East Shore Trail since I have been paddling below Vonore.  To finish paddling the entire five lake system's shore line, I have only to paddle from Poplar Springs to the dam on both shores (one more over night) and it will be finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!