Thursday, December 10, 2009

Putting the restored 1954 Old Town back on water

The finished canoe ready to take to Tellico Lake for its first float since about 1982.

Anna in the Captains chair and me on the bow seat.  Man was that wind blowing!  It was back on the water at 2:00, December 2nd, 2009.  Yehaw!

Anna's picture from Facebook.  I LOVE IT!

Back on Annas car to be taken to its new home safe and sound.  The canoe is 16' long, made from wood and canvas, coated with four coats of red paint on the outside and five coats of varnish on the inside.  It weighs exactly 80lbs.

Paddling on Notchy Creek

Very cool cedar growing horizontal over the lake on upper Notchy Creek.  I am trying to paddle all of Tellico from the 411 Bridge east up to Chilhowee Dam and up to where the Tellico River stops running above Sloan Bridge.  I want to go into every cove and side stream.  I have only about 4 miles to go to meet my goal before December 31.  That would be from where Tellico River and Ballplay Creek meet and upstream to Sloan Bridge.

This is at the back of a very pretty cove across the lake from where Notchy Creek empties into Tellico Lake.  Very pretty.  It is the next cove below Kennedy Branch.

This is a really neat rock.  Note the hole all the way through it.  This is between Notchy Creek and Ballplay Creek.  When paddling along the lake banks you get to see all kinds of cool things.

This cliff is between Ballplay and Notchy Creek.  The old road bed is between me and the cliff.  As you get closer you can see the drill marks especially at the top of the cliff.  Apparently road builders either removed the rock to make the road or they used the materials from the cliff to build the road.