Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Weekend on Chilhowee

 I hope all had a great Good Friday!  We did at our church complete with bluegrass, moonpies, bible and Easter eggs!   After lunch Nelson and I departed for a night paddle on Chilhowee.  We heard Whipporwills, tree-frogs and a few fishing boats during the night.  At one point we had a wild hog or deer come through out site snorting....probably a pig.  I saw 6 shooting stars before I went to sleep in my new Castaway hammock.

This is at the island just above the ferry.  Beautiful sandy campsite with a beaver lodge (see below).  The lodge is being used and we actually saw a beaver swimming nearby.  This is the nicest site on upper Chilhowee!

 We had lunch at the rocks at the end of the lake and saw a dead snake, lots of Bumblebees, tadpoles, lizards and a few fish.

Near Tabcat I was able to get a few shots of this Bald Eagle.  It was eating a large mouth bass on the shore and at the ramp it dove down to the water twice and brought up a fish.  LOUD splash!