Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chilhowee Lake with the "CCC" Day Camp

20 of us having lunch on the smooth limestone above the powerhouse

9 boats...8 canoes and a kayak

This is where the water flows into Chilhowee Lake from below the dam. This area had smooth rocks, pocks and holes which have been created from the ancient flow of the Little T. Now all that flows here is a trickle. Water is now diverted through huge tunnels which begin at Calderwood Dam and flow through the mountain to the powerhouse.

Our group paddling near the old Calderwood community.

My friend Charlie and I led a three day camp for kids this summer called CCC Camp (Cave, Canoe and Cache). we took them caving in Vonore, canoeing here on Chilhowee and geo-caching in Cades Cove. This lake is long and narrow begining at the powerhouse and ending several miles downstream at Chilhowee Dam. This post is just one of many about Chilhowee.

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