Thursday, August 7, 2008

Abrams Creek with Phillip

Abrams Creek is a feeder stream for Chilhowee Lake located near the intersection of Highway 129 and Happy Valley Road. The most convenient place to park is at the bridge where Abrams Creek enters Chilhowee. On this particular trip I took my son, Phillip on a paddle to the head of where the creek actually flows into the lake proper. We snorkeled of course and had a great day. I encorage all dads to get outside with their kids and see what God has created. In Romans 1:20 the Bible says that "God's nvisible qualities...have been clearly seen, being understood from what has BEEN MADE, so that men are without excuse" Dads, when you engage your son or daughter with water, a trail, a canoe outing, a sunset, the Persaid meteror shower in August, etc. you are setting up an opportunity not merely for recreation but for their DNA to come alive as they se their creator more clearly. In fact Phillip knows about this so much that he will not paddle past a floating bottle "polluting the earth". Now where did that come from? By the way, what is that wierd looking floating brain in the picture above?

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SOPHIE said...

that is really cool.....i <3 tennessee!!!!!