Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tellico Blueway again

Beautiful Memorial Day weekend!  Went paddling on the Blueway this morning.  We saw about two dozen blue heron, three hawks, crows, lots of carp and gar, saw a couple of kingfishers and about six osprey.  Here a few pics...note the cactus!  This is the secong place this year that I have seen the same species of cactus!

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sleahcim said...

I saw your other post with this cactus and thought you might like to know what they are: Prickly Pear. While not native here they seem to do well with the right conditions. I've seen them in a lot of front yards around ET. The fruit is edible (raw or cooked) after it turns a dark purple. Just don't try to pick it with bare hands as the spines are tiny and are nearly impossible to get out of your fingers (yes, that's first hand experience speaking).