Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rose Island AKA Mialoquo

Paddled Tellico from mile18.8 to 15.8 yesterday.  That is from the 411 bridge along the south shore to the Island Creek buoys and back down the northshore.  It took 4.5 hours and counting all the coves and islands was about 12 miles.  The most interesting thing was two bald eagles flying together in cove which parallels highway 411.  The eagles were soaring along with an osprey which then began to dive bomb the eagles.  What a sight.  Saw an osprey fold its wings and dive to the water bring up a fish in its talons.  The fish tail was flapping very fast as the osprey held the fish head first while flying along the shore.  Hilarious!  I could not find a good place to put-in around the 411 bridge.  Sequoyah Marina did not have a ramp or easy access, none of the industry had public access and I did not want to paddle from Vonore Beach.  So I had to park at the 411 bridge and put in down a steep bank.  You know the area...its the pull-off just as you go over the bridge south bound.  Good day!

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