Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Boy Scouts on Tellico

It has been a while since I posted but here are some pics of our latest BSA trip. We paddled from Harrison Branch down (west) to Four Mile Creek. There is a nice peninsula with a campsite on public land.

Above is our site with all our canoes. See Jeff Meyer with his tarp over the side of his boat? This is a classic canoer move! The Scouts in the foreground are learning about the use of Woods Tools and in the background they are getting ready to prepare meatball marenera for subs.

Dylan and Phillip were our chefs that night. Don't those peppers and onions look good?!

David is practicing throwing a teathered PFD to a "drowning" victim in the pic above.

Hard to see...but its a Bald Eagle. This bird came swirling down and grabbed a fish from the surface of the water and flew to a tree for lunch.

I just love it! Scouts on water in a canoe! Classic!

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