Friday, October 10, 2008

More paddling pics of the lowered Chilhowee Lake

This is as far as we could paddle into Abrams Creek on 10-2-08. Note how narrow the creek is! This picture was taken about 100 feet above Panther Creek in the main channel

What a terrific geology lesson. This is 51 years of sediment (silt is about 1.5 inches, duff is about six inches, the clay is about six inches then the rock is about four inches then the bedrock and creek)

The exact spot where Abrams Creek dumps into Chilhowee Lake. About 50 feet from Panther Creek

Josh Milton and Rod Ray at the end of the lake

Our College and Career group from our church. I bet we have more paddlers and hikers per ca pita of any church in Blount County!

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