Monday, July 23, 2012

TOQUA campsites

Situated across Tellico lake from the Toqua campground and boat ramp, are three campsites established with boaters in mind.  The first sets on a point with two tent pads and lantern hooks.  There is no mistaking the oak tree with lightning damage either.  Farther into the cove are two other sites with tent pads, fire rings, and lantern hooks as well.  All three have easy canoe access into and out of the water, with the middle site perhaps having the best access.  The problem I saw was ATV trails that led to the sites from a nearby road and thus I had visitors in my site during the night.  Just be advised that because of the ease of access, you might not be the only person enjoying your campfire or dinner!

I carried out five bundles of party favors from someone else's use of the site...this was too bad, but unfortunately I have come to expect this.  As I was cleaning up the piles of trash, I thought, "These campers do not know the Creator, because they would not have done this if they knew Him."

This is what the site looked like after is was cleaned (at least I was able to get some of the trash stowed...there was some more that needs to be removed)....

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