Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bakers Creek paddle on Tellico Lake

Nice section of lower Tellico Lake!   This stretch begins at the Morganton Boat Ramp and ends about 5 miles or so upstream.  Only one campsite in this section and it is not all that nice for a get-away spot.  Not many places to get out of the canoe either. The places that are nice are apparantly on private property and a couple have the hilarious "Private Property" signs that I think are so funny on Tellico Lake. 
This is a nice oasis in Bakers Creek.  I do not know but I think it is private property even though its not posted.  It is very pretty!

This is as far as I could go on Bakers Creek.  The water level was about 6" deep and the creek was flowing and there was debris beyond here.  On a map this is the top of the second switchback.  You know where it is if you look at a map.

Anyway...nice paddle!   Try it!

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