Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Upper Chilhowee during July 4th

I did a solo trip for two days and one night on Chilhowee over the July 4th weekend.  I paddled Tabcat to the powerhouse and spend the night on the grassy campsite on river right between the former ferry and Tabcat.  GREAT campsite!   At the island campsite (sandy and flat) there is still an active beaver lodge.  Also there I saw a bear who quickly left the site and swam away.  Below was my favorite sight at that particular Eagle.  It was in a tree at the campsite!

What a trip!  An eagle on July 4th weekend.  I have seen SOOOOO many eagles in the past couple of years on Fontana, Cheoah, Calderwood, Chilhowee and Tellico.  They are all over the place!

This is the campsite between Tabcat and the former ferry.  Nice!  Lots of poisen ivy however.   That night I heard three different screech owls all calling at the same time.   A deer came into camp duirng the night and woke me up.  A Kingfisher visited several times as well as a heron who flew by once.  I also saw several buzzards, crows, a couple of coots, ducks and geese.  Quite the nice spot, eh?

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Tony said...

looks like a good weekend! I need to find that campsite sometime.