Monday, September 1, 2008

Ballplay Creek on Tellico

I can't tell you the numbers of Great Blue Herons I have seen on the lakes. They are always at waters edge and seem to be territorial. We also saw several geese, kingfishers and heard several ducks in the brush along the creek.
This is at the back of Tellico on Ballplay Creek. At the end of the lake proper, contune paddling to the left of center and you will find the creek. It is a small body of water with a tunnel of trees so you can get out of the heat. Just as you enter the creek there is a mowed patch of land just enough to get on shore.
I counted three beaver dams and one small lodge in the creek. This one is the first I found. It is on the left about a 100 yards up stream. A tree had fallen across the stream or we would have gone farther. Phillip and I only made it to the 2nd set of power lines.

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